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How to Join Us in the Fight

Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Volunteer Coordinator: define and coordinate volunteer roles


  • Prayer Team: cover the worthy2 team and victim/survivors in prayer


  • Online Outreach: connect via text with women who are being advertised online. Must be 21 years or older, females only


  • Street Outreach: direct outreach to those who are being exploited through commercial sex or trafficking. Day and night outreaches, usually Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Must be 18 years or older


          Female Team Members: work in teams of two and only engage with females


          Male Team Members: primary objective is the safety of the female team                      members. Only engage with males (johns, traffickers or pimps)


  • Community Awareness Outreach: visit local businesses- hotels, restaurants, massage facilities, nail salons, taxi/transportation companies- and offer signage and awareness cards for display. Schedule employee trainings

  • Victim/Survivor Advocate: guide and mentor victim/survivors from point of recovery to full restoration. Work with law enforcement, service providers, legal services, DHR and Family Court. Advocacy training/certification required


  • Transport Team: coordinate and transport victim/survivors, partner with other         advocate organizations to insure safe and timely travel to destinations. Team of  two advocates. Note: secondary transport person does not require advocacy training


  • Beloved Bags: coordinate and inventory donations and fulfillment of bags for worthy2 central and north Alabama teams. Seconday responsibilty: inventory storage facility clothing, furniture, all supplies


  • Adminstrative Support: multiple areas in need of volunteers- monthly newsletter, social media, website, etc.


  • HelpLine Team: answer and return HelpLine calls in a timely manner. Assess caller’s immediate needs and urgency for appropriate restorative care


  • Safehouse Team: primary responsibility is to maintain the comfort and safety of survivor during transition into appropriate treatment facility or restorative services (detox, residential long term program or outpatient services). A team of two volunteers will stay onsite with survivor for 8 hour shifts (currently we rent a local home through Airbnb). Responsibilities will include, but not limited to, facilitating meals, schedule and transport to appointments, assess and provide immediate needs- clothing, toiletries, etc.


Learn About Sex Trafficking

If you, or someone you know, needs help contact our HelpLine at 334.352.8280
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