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INTERVENTION: worthy squared advocates for those who have been exploited through commercial sex, or sex trafficking, so they may reclaim their dignity and self-worth. Our team compassionately guides and mentors survivors as they discover true FREEDOM and the faith to dream again.

PREVENTION: We believe the only way to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. It must be stopped at the root, the source. The child victim today becomes the adult victim needing intervention tomorrow. We believe through education and awareness training it is possible to STOP the GROOMING, and eventual sexual exploitation, of our children and youth.  

               worthy² Team


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Kathryn Guthrie

Founder & Director
Kathryn Guthrie has always had a heart for the “underdog”. As early as elementary school she can recall defending the kid everyone picked on- to the point of spending time in the principal’s office for her “intervention” efforts.

In 2008, Kathryn spent two months in Vietnam finalizing the adoption of her daughter. While there, she saw firsthand the devastation of commercial sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking. Once home, she began researching the issue. Kathryn quickly discovered that human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking, was also a sad reality in the U.S., including in her home state of Alabama. This form of modern-day slavery spoke to her heart and a lit a fire of outrage in her spirit.


Kathryn began volunteering with Redeem, an anti sex trafficking organization based in Columbus, GA. There was a need for this type of organization in Alabama and the decision was made to launch Redeem Alabama in January 2017 where Kathryn served as Director until December 2020. In March of 2021 Kathryn founded worthy2 (worthy squared), a ministry dedicated to advocating for those who have been exploited through commercial sex or sex trafficking. God’s purpose was clear- walk alongside survivors on their journey to true freedom and advocate to break the chains of modern-day slavery…become an ABOLITIONIST.


Anna Webb

Anna Webb is a second year graduate student at Auburn University in Public Administration with a graduate certification in Nonprofit Management and Community Governance. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Auburn University in May 2023. She is from Columbus, Georgia. She hopes to work in policy advocacy for Anti-Human Trafficking work. She believes that the two most important aspects in the eradication of commercial exploitation are education and awareness and the inclusion of human trafficking survivors in the policy process. She hopes to gain expertise and focus on the connection between Pornography and Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Ashley Johnston

Ashley serves as a general coordinator. She assists with various projects that the ministry is working on. She has been involved in human trafficking outreach in some form since 2015. She prefers to be behind the scenes and will typically be found with a book and a chai in hand.

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