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OUR GOAL: $5,000

Worthy Squared advocates for LOCAL adult and minor females who are being, or have been, exploited through commercial sex or sex trafficking. Our team walks with them through the restoration process so they may reclaim their dignity and self-worth.


Our 2024 OGD Project is stocking a Clothing Closet with NEW items for Survivors. In most cases, when a victim leaves her trafficker she may literally have “nothing but the clothes on her back”. Our goal is to provide NEW clothing items because...SHE IS WORTH IT!!

we are, because He is

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worthy squared advocates for those who have been exploited through commercial sex or sex trafficking, so they may reclaim their dignity and self-worth. 
we're their voice until they find theirs

According to the International Labor Organization,it is estimated that 49.6 million people worldwide live in "modern day slavery," more than any other time in history.

  • 27.6 million individuals are estimated to be trapped in forced labor with 6.3 million in forced commercial sexual exploitation. 

  • Women and girls account for almost 80% of those in forced commercial sexual exploitation

  • 12% of all those in forced labor are children. More than half of these children are in commercial sexual exploitation.

"Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me."
-William Wilberforce
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